The Reopening Challenge: Driving customers to your business

The Reopening Challenge: Driving customers to your business
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Just weeks after shutting down operations, businesses are being urged to restart their engines as lockdown rules are starting to relax. However, no one knows how consumers will react to non-essential businesses reopening. We could assume that some of them may be a bit wary in visiting crowded places or saving money right now. But there will also be customers who are excitedly rushing to shopping centres.

This consumer behaviour change presents an opportunity—and a need—for many companies to build the competences they wish they’d invested in before: like their digital marketing. At this time, hosting a reopening event like giveaways, demonstrations, training sessions, and offering incentives to show customers why they should consider visiting your business first (through limited-time promotion on your services and products) can do so much.

There are also other tactics and digital marketing channels that can work for this type of marketing. Here are 4 types of campaigns to promote your reopening and easily drive customers to your business.

Capture your audience’s interest using Social Ads

Social Media Advertising offers customized targeting options so the ads that you will be paying for are reaching nearby customers who are interested in your products and business. Australia has over 16 Million active Facebook users, and it’s critical if you’ll target all these people. Best to target based on interest to make your reach broader and more effective. If you advertise your reopening plans, these potential “interested” customers will be enticed with your business and possibly, transact.

Find new local customers through Geofencing

Do you know your possible customers can see your ads when they’re near your location? This increases the chances of them stopping by your store or office. With Geofencing, smartphone users can see your marketing messages when they are near/approaching your location. By delivering your reopening message at the right time, you might even grab the attention of a customer who is on the way to another business in your area or your competitor.

Engage with past customers through retargeting

Do you know that you can also reach out to your past customers and people who have searched about your products and services in the past weeks? You can put in ads in Display, Social Media, and Search Marketing to reconnect with potential customers who visited your website and researched products that you previously offered. This gives you a greater chance to attract them to your website again and offer them products that they have researched about.

Make your business easier to find through Search Advertising

If you’re looking for an effective way to connect with customers who are searching for a business like yours, then search advertising is the way to go! When customers are in the time of need, they can easily see your business in search results for either Google and Bing search engines. You can also optimise your ads for local searches through ad extensions (that grows the number of consumers who search on mobile devices). Through it, you can give more details about your business like your address and phone number pages on your website.

Reopening your business requires more than returning to “normal”. We can expect an unpredictable and long-lasting period of uncertainty that may cause fundamental changes to economic activity, societal values, cultural norms and behaviors. If a business plans to reopen and outmaneuver the possible changes, this requires a program of reinvention that suits the digital age (to effectively put your business more available out there).

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