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Covering one of the largest news reporting patches in Australia, Centralian Today reaches across Central Australia from the South Australian border to Tennant Creek. Centralian Today aims to be the heartbeat of both Alice Springs and Central Australia and prove there's something magical about the power of a local press, setting out to capture the essence of this vibrant rural community, delivering news that truly matters to its community. Published by Today News Group, Centralian Today plans to really understand the pulse of Alice Springs and aims to produce objective, apolitical news with a hyper-local mantra. In a place like Alice Springs, where distances are vast and traditions run deep, a community newspaper holds immeasurable value. Centralian Today aim is to unite neighbors, encourages local businesses, and fosters a sense of belonging. Stay connected, stay informed, with Centralian Today.

Soon to be the region’s most popular community newspaper Centralian Today offers local businesses the opportunity to get their message into homes with their advertising message alongside the latest unique local news, sport results, local information and special features on topics of interest to locals.

Centralian Today is also online at centraliantoday.com.au

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