3 best ways your business can be improved by Social Media

3 ways your business can be improved by Social Media

2019 now feels like a lifetime ago and inevitably, changes do happen…

That’s one thing we can learn from the digital marketing industry; it has taught us to adapt to changes super fast.

Businesses and startups are increasingly using social media for brand awareness, reaching new audiences and converting them to customers and clients. This year, when the pandemic struck, digitalisation was fast-tracked. And since then, there’s no going back.

Whether your business is impacted by recent events, using Social Media is still one of the leading platforms that every business can include in their marketing strategy.

Now, let’s talk about how we can reinvent your business:

1. Now’s the best time to invest in advertising on Social Media

Social media usage has increased by 22% in Australia according to StatCounter since people are increasingly spending time online due to social distancing. There is a significant spike in impressions on social ads, which means if you run one, you are likely to reach your target audience.

While it is true that running ads on products and services do not guarantee higher sales — but this prompts your brand as the top of mind for consumers. If you are incorporating and trying out new business strategies for your products/services, then you can easily ensure through your ad copy and communicate that clearly with your audience.

An example would be advertising takeaway or delivery service by posting engaging visuals that reflect the new business approach of ‘pick-up’ and ‘delivery’ options. A great copy along with strong visuals, proper targeting and a goal to support locals can be appealing to the audience and can help achieve higher reach and engagement on your ads.

2. Refreshing your Social Media Marketing approach

Many people are probably anxious and worried, so why not post stories that give off positive vibes?

There are a lot of ways where you can engage with your followers that can distract people from panic while lifting your brand’s image. If you’re in the restaurant business, a great social media marketing example would be posting conversation-starters and sharing recipes of home-cooked meals.

By highlighting your best features on social media (even if your business is closed) and thinking of innovative ways to communicate with your audience, you can give your brand more chances to appear in your target market’s news feeds.

3. Try going Live on Social

The use of live videos have doubled since March according to a CNET report. Many businesses especially those who are affected are turning towards live videos. If you’re one of those businesses that are using videos using your trusted mobile phones, then perhaps it’s the perfect time to start experimenting with it. Talk with your team and brainstorm ideas around how you can get your followers’ engagement with live streaming.

Here are some cool ideas for your live streams:

Guest an expert and do a Q & A session
Host a live event
Put your products to the test through an online demo
Bring your audience with you through a virtual tour in your properties
Do online workouts, pilates and yoga classes
Live dance sessions!

This is the perfect time for you to reach out to your customers and your prospective clients on Social where they are spending most of their time. You’d often underestimate the features that these platforms offer such as post updates from friends and family, but you’d be surprised how much engagement this can bring for your business.

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