How to make your business easy to find on search engines

Decades before, to make your business easier to find, you have to place posters, billboard ads, and signages to lead them to your location so they can purchase or book services.

Now, everything is made easier through search engines as customers can easily see your business information such as your address, contact information, and your website through online listings if they search for products or businesses like yours.

Having an accurate and consistent online listing is a must for businesses. Google’s priority is to show searchers quality and precise information. That’s why it shows only businesses with a consistent presence on the web that has local citations, listings, and reviews. Google My Business is one of the most valuable citations for your business’ online presence.

Here are tips that can help you use your Google My Business listing effectively to improve your SEO and show precise information of your business to searchers.

What are citations?

Citations are the mention of your business name on the world wide web. These include review sites, local listings, and your listing on Google via Google My Business.

Why do I need citations?

Citations include your business information like your name, address, phone number, and website. Having complete information shows Google Search Engines that the site is trustworthy and legitimate.

What is the disadvantage of having an inconsistent citation?

Imagine you’re looking for the nearest salon and found a promising one — but you noticed that their information like their phone number and location is not consistent on local directories. Would you still order? This inconsistent information might discourage you, so therefore you would search a different salon that has more accurate information.

Can Google My Business make it easier for my business to be found online?

When you set up your Google My Business, you’re informing Google that your business information is accurate on Google Maps and Google Search results. These are the most used sites where people are searching services and products online.

Why do I need to keep my citations consistent?

When it comes to consistency for search engines, it is important to have the same information about your business for all your citations. For example, your business name should be the same as what’s on your website, from descriptors to the use of “Co.” The same goes for your enlisted business address, like having “St.” and “Street”. Make sure to keep all your information on Google My Business and other local listings identical.

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